Johanna_T: My nose is cryinggg

Tecnoturc: tell your nose it will be okay

Johanna_T: -sniffle sniffleeeeeee- ;c

MachuPichu: Sucks to have a depressed nose

Maik50: I never get quoted in labyrinth wiki :(

Johanna_T: Jedi, Jedi, get me a kitten :C

MadJedi: *Gives moderator kitteh*

Johanna_T: Kitteeh! :D:D

eProdigy: *snatches kitty*

Johanna_T: Dun touch my kitteh :C

eProdigy: I can touch your pussy whenever I want.

eProdigy: …

eProdigy: That came out wrong

Blunt: lol I'm going to end up using half a box of tissue this morning

Blunt: -_-

Blunt: i might need to go to the doctor also

FinnishPWNER: What time is it there?

Icamefromanegg: only half?

Blunt: im waking up with so much mucus tearing up my tummy giving me the3 shits, blowing out what feels like the amount my brain would take up in my head

Blunt: its

Blunt: 10:44am here

Icamefromanegg: wait if you're a boob then your 'nose running' must mean you're lactating.. you're preggerz?

Blunt: lol

Blunt: yes little booblets on the way

Icamefromanegg: BOOBLETS

Icamefromanegg: sounds so cute

Icamefromanegg: :3

Blunt: *prepair to drop the cluster boob

scchsdrumline: hey eggy and drumline

Icamefromanegg: You are drumline..

MadJedi: Hi drumline and mr.mod

Icamefromanegg: All humans come from eggs

Icamefromanegg: :}

rjr001234: 'lo Jedi.

MadJedi: What egg said

MadJedi: Hello rjr

Moshdef: pfft, I guess

MadJedi: What are ovaries?

Moshdef: isn't that where Eagles nest?

MadJedi: Maybe

Icamefromanegg: Wanna go out sometime?

frank101: Yes!

Icamefromanegg: not you frank

Icamefromanegg: you’re married

Icamefromanegg: :/

Icamefromanegg: I don’t date married men

Icamefromanegg: Unless they’re really hot

frank101: I will break up with my wife if I can go out with you egg!

frank101: Danmit, my wife saw that

adv0catus: I was going to make a gay joke, butt **** it.


MadJedi: I can't stand cripple jokes


frank101: I was going to make a joke about my dick, but it is to long.

MadJedi: I hate 9/11 jokes

MadJedi: They are just plane wrong

frank101: :p

frank101: Ok guys, enough with the gay jokes guys, cum on.


MadJedi: I have a great joke about immortality

MadJedi: It never gets old

NowItsZacc: LMFAO

ExiledGentleman: I would tell you guys a joke about Casey Anthony, but my mom would kill me!

frank101: :p Lol

frank101: I was going to tell you a joke about my dick, but it is too hard to think about.

MadJedi: I was going to tell a bank joke

MadJedi: But I lost interest

MadJedi: The difference between "He hit on her" and "He hit her" is so slim :S

MadJedi: Another proof love and hate are so close

NowItsZacc: Same with "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse" and "I helped my uncle jack off a horse"

DarkElementX: lol I see what you did there :D

ExiledGentleman: Same with "I love MadJedi" and "I don't love MadJedi"

darthme: Or "Let's eat, grandpa!" or "Let's eat grandpa!"

NowItsZacc: Lmao Darth

MadJedi: Grandpa meat isn't as tender though :S

MadJedi: I speak from experience

MadJedi: I mean...uh...nvm

darthme: >:D

ExiledGentleman: Yeah, you have to get em when they're young.

insanemage113: hi

MadJedi: Yep, you have to eat grandpas when they're young. That's why you shouldn't have sex at a young age, kids. To avoid having children prematurely, becoming a young grandpa and ending up eaten!

ExiledGentleman: Lolol

insanemage113: haha 

hamuka: Mind if I ask what is colloidal silver good for?

AdeebNafees: Oops, ignore that.

hamuka: lol

AdeebNafees: Well...

AdeebNafees: Colloids are good at absorbing water.

AdeebNafees: And Silver is good at being scum...

hamuka: LOL

DarkTacoZ: if you played Legend of Pandora please tell me how much left of the game is after you get the pushing manual

LethalMutiny: A lot.

Blizzard2000: A lot

Blizzard2000: lol ninja.

LethalMutiny: Lol ninja

LethalMutiny: FUUUUU

DarkTacoZ: lol ninja

Blizzard2000: XD

LethalMutiny: That's quotable too lol

Wiggles96: Owned.

Tomatoman: both ninjas involved a period that the other lacked

Nemiflora: double ninja..

Blizzard2000: Yeah

Maik50: Alright you landlubbers. Dig out yer spyglasses and climb into your lookouts. For today is talk like scurvy pirate day. Sail ho! Don't be an addled bilge-sucking landlubber for we don't know mercy and we know dead men tell no tales. Reel your Jolly…

Maik50: Roger or you shall find yourselves from Davy Jones' locker

Jaskaran2000: ...

Jaskaran2000: Filled the enitre chat with a load of bullcrap.

Jaskaran2000: Work well done :D

GameKultist: get the straitjacket...Maik's off his meds again.

championmonsters: YA MAD BRO

MadJedi: YA IM MAD

Kwadwo195: I hate it when people say Africans speak like fghgkdsgfdhgf. It's annoying, usually the Americans.

akeresh: hugh?

inkyvoyd: fghgkdsgfdhgf?

Wiggles96: Lols

akeresh: ^

Indy111: I hate stereotypes like that! At least I speak Japanese. desu desu kore wa desu kawaii~

inkyvoyd: lol^^

Kwadwo195: LOL

duder1213: lmao

aturtledoesbite: XD

MadJedi: I like kittens.

ScaleTheWalls: Does it involve pirates?

Indy111: It does not involve pirates.

epikkill: noooooooooooooo

Precarious: Does it involve ogres?

Indy111: It does involve ogres

TheRagingGamer: Shrek

IAmRetard: Shrek.

ScaleTheWalls: Shrek

Precarious: Shrek

TheRagingGamer: HAHAHAHA

ScaleTheWalls: DAMKMIT

Indy111: lawl

IAmRetard: ...

Precarious: Goddammit

IAmRetard: ****

BestMte: Shrek 2

IAmRetard: Bloody ****

Indy111: It is not Shrek

IAmRetard: lol best IAmRetard: ...

TheRagingGamer: OHHHHSHI

IAmRetard: God. Dammit.

Precarious: ahahahaha

ScaleTheWalls: Everyone had their finger on enter :/

Indy111: TheRagingGamer, IAmRetard, ScaleTheWalls, Precarious, and BestMte are dq'd

IAmRetard: ikr

ScaleTheWalls: LOL

TheRagingGamer: I think I know what it is

IAmRetard: Everyone playing got DQ'd lol

ScaleTheWalls: lololol